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Bazzomba TrueType Font
Bazzomba TrueType Font

Outline of a heavy font. Best at larger type sizes. Freeware. OMEGA Font Labs.

Big Blocko TrueType Font
Big Blocko TrueType Font

This is a heavy font with a depth to it. Best at larger type sizes. This font is free for non-commercial use.

Bilburr TrueType Font
Bilburr TrueType Font

This is a heavy, oddly shaped, section font. Freeware.

Black Chancery TrueType Font
Black Chancery TrueType Font

A heavy, calligraphic, gothic font. Author unknown.

Block Head TrueType Font
Block Head TrueType Font

A big, wide, heavy font, with a hint o' lightning zig-zags. Free for non-commercial use. Created by Brain Stew Fonts.

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Harper TrueType Font
This is a nice, flowing font. Freeware.

Stitch & Bitch TrueType Font
A font that's made up of sewing stitches. This font is Freeware. Created by Ray Larabie.

Triac Seventy-One TrueType Font

Today Featured Web Design Font

Anglo Saxon Caps TrueType Font
A gothic, ancient text type of font. Author unknown. Author unknown.

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