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Micro Miep TrueType Font
Micro Miep TrueType Font

This is a nice, simple, futuristic font. Freeware.

Mighty Tomato TrueType Font
Mighty Tomato TrueType Font

This is a nice, cartoony lettering font. Freeware.

Mikey Jax TrueType Font
Mikey Jax TrueType Font

A tall, retro font. Freeware.

Milkdrops TrueType Font
Milkdrops TrueType Font

Font created out of many, different sized spheres. Author unknown.

Milkfresh TrueType Font
Milkfresh TrueType Font

This is a nice, classic looking font. Most useful at larger type sizes. Freeware.

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Shlop TrueType Font
A dripping font. Freeware.

Boldly Go Out TrueType Font
This is a nice, classical font, somehow shredded diagonally into tiny bite sized pieces. Free for non-commercial use.

Bikini TrueType Font
Another serif typeface. Shareware.

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Spike Crumb Swollen TrueType Font
The boldest of the Spike Crumbs. Freeware.

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